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April 22, 2018
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1539 East Sandalwood Lane

San Antonio, Texas, 78209

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DSABC Constitution Amendment Proposal
Updated On: Mar 08, 2018

Amendment 1 

DSABC Constitutional Amendment to change the current practice of having two PAC members and two Executive board members vote on PAC endorsements and/or Contributions, to only PAC elected board vote on PAC endorsements/contributions. PAC was elected by the membership to be the Political Arm of the DSABC. When this was changed the PAC was appointed by the Executive board.

The Political Action Committee and its funds will be a totally separate entity from the DSABC. It will be comprised of four members who are elected by the General Membership: PAC shall be comprised of four members two from Detention and two from Law Enforcement. Elections for the PAC committee shall be held every three (3) years concurrent with the elections of the Executive board and the board of Directors. The PAC will be elected by a majority of the membership voting the in favor of a slate running for the PAC. The board of Directors will select the PAC Chairman, and the Executive board will select the Treasury. The PAC shall be governed and administered in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. The PAC Treasurer will make required reports to the Texas Ethics Commission in accordance with the rules set forth by the Commission. In addition, the PAC will conduct interviews/forums with all candidates for office that will have an impact on the DSABC and it members. Concerning any potential endorsements to a political candidate and any expenditure to a political candidate a vote will be taken from PAC and the Executive board. A minimum of two members from the PAC and two members from the Executive board must be present to establish a quorum. A quorum must be present for any vote to be considered valid.

Above red lettering changed as follows: Elected PAC board members. A minimum of three PAC board members must be present to establish a quorum. A quorum must be present for any vote to be considered valid. The DSABC Executive Board President shall act as a tie breaker should PAC have a tie on any issue.

Amendment 2 

The purpose of this committee is to review the DSABC Constitution and provide recommendations to the three elected boards that make up the DSABC leadership (Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Political Action Committee Board). The DSABC Constitution is a living document that should be reviewed periodically to ensure that its contents meet the current needs of the membership. The Committee shall consist of 6 members. The Executive Board shall appoint 2 members, The Board of Directors shall appoint 2 members, and the Political Action Committee Board shall appoint 2 members. The Committee shall convene upon its formation to review the DSABC Constitution and provide any needed additions, deletions, or change to the DSABC Constitution. The Committee shall seek input from the DSABC Leadership and General Membership it represents. The Committee may seek membership approval for changes to the Constitution in sections or articles as it deems necessary, provided 2 of the 3 elected (EB, BOD, and PAC) votes to present the changes to the constitution for a full membership vote. The Committee shall convene when 2 of the 3 elected board’s request of the DSABC Constitution, or at the request of the DSABC President. The DSABC Members who have been appointed to work for the membership full time shall place the proposed amendment to the constitution on the DSABC Website, all DSABC bulletin boards, and any other location where a majority of the members may read the amendment within 3 business days from the motion to amend the Constitution. These amendment information postings shall be placed in these locations, no later than 10 days from their introduction and approval by the EB, BOD, PAC. The election by the membership shall take place within 30 days from the same date. Each DSABC Leadership boards (EB, BOD, PAC) shall select 2 members each, one being from Detention and one from Law Enforcement. The DSABC Executive Board President shall act as a tie breaker should the New Constitution Review Committee have a tie on any issue.         

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